The control and management of cash are the critical elements in any business environment. Cash Management, however, involves a number of transactions such as Sales, Receipts, Purchases, and Payments along with the recording of summary data in the General Ledger and the associated reconciliation with Bank Accounts. Unless each of these elements are addressed completely, then the effective management of the organisation's cash resource will never be achieved.

With the release of CASH MANAGEMENT, Computer MAGIC now provides the optimum management tool for Business Managers. This extremely complete package incorporates Creditors, Debtors, General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation facility, all in a simple to operate, menu-driven system.

For clubs, the system is unique in its ability to access the data in both the accounting form and the form required for completion of Form 24.

Some of the features of the CASH MANAGEMENT system include:

Ledger and System Details

Data Input