The Computer MAGIC Membership system provides clubs with all the facilities necessary to efficiently access and manage their membership records. The system also contains a number of features that allows the club’s management to introduce a variety of marketing programs, aimed at increasing the member’s patronage of the club.

Some of the features of the Membership system are:

The Computer MAGIC Membership system is made up of a number of modules.

MEMBERSHIP MAIN This is the main module of the system and would normally be installed in the Office. It has all the member and system maintenance routines, system reporting and supervisor functions.

MEMBERSHIP REMOTE This module is normally located at Reception and is used mainly for member enquiry, adding members, printing member cards and membership renewals.

MEMBERSHIP LOOKUP This is also a module that is installed at Reception and is used exclusively for member enquiry.

MEMBERSHIP CHEQUE CASHING This module has been designed to monitor and control the cashing of cheques for members.

MEMBERSHIP PHOTO This routine is used to capture and edit the member’s photo for inclusion on their membership card.

MEMBERSHIP DRAW & RAFFLE This module is a combined Members Draw/Raffle Draw facility with direct links to the members’ data.