The foyer machine is a custom built unit (built to the Clubs requirements) housing a computer that is connected to the Clubs main network. This enables the system to be set up and modified from any attached computer.

The system allows members to swipe their membership card and win prizes based on a number of parameters, these include birthday, anniversary, number of visits or as a random occurrence. Each event can have separate screens and sounds. Individual can also be set up to 'greet' particular members.

The layout of the printing, the pictures that appear, the sounds and the text colours are user definable as are the slide show pictures.

The slide show scrolls through a series of pictures that have been set up by the Club and could include anything from coming events to advertising.

The prize pool is set up by the Club and can be refreshed each day back to a default quantity or can be topped up on the fly during the day.

The unit is a proven marketing tool and can be turned into a profitable investment.